About Us…

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This Nonprofit is currently supporting Vital Voices’  efforts to assist women around the world through economic empowerment, by addressing human rights issues, and by encouraging political participation and leadership.  We are also making micro-loans through Kiva  to help women develop the means to support them selves and their children, and we recently started contributing to 20/20/20, a humanitarian effort focused on restoring the sight of 20 million blind children and adults around the world.

We are also helping to raise funds and contributing directly to the building of a school and clinic in Bopolu, Liberia, and once that project is completed, we will start looking for another development project to support that provides educational or medical assistance in an impoverished area. Closer to home, we are looking for ways to help children aging out of the foster care system.

We Support Vital Voices Global Partnership

We Support Kiva… Lending to Eliminate Poverty

We Support 20/20/20… Charity to Help Restore Eyesight to 20 Million Children & Adults